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Music Television
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Music Television

Hives Áron Hungarian 3 days ago 9 view 0:50
This video graphic was made for the MTV Hungary, gives a brand new approach addresses the visual appearance. In 2-3 years in every single program - in our case the top 40 - the whole image is renewing. These program IDs are normally changing rapidly and pulsating after each other. We tried to break this process on purpose.For our video we made porcelain numbers, then we broke them into pieces in different parts and ways. We've strongly slowed down this happening with the help of the camera to achieve the desired experience. From 1 till 40 we made all the numbers and after crushed them, these 3 seconds elements/little wishes the full part of the ID. Besides of this, we also made 4 pieces of 15 seconds length video variations, in order to take into the interest of the program. The 1 minute long video is the final version of the four.
Our goal is to create a brand new ID - as in visual appearance and as in dynamics - which is totally different from the usual, well-established trends of the MTV. To generate a clean and minimalist style which approaches to the content relationships. "The less is more." - we were trying to provide an attractive appearance - based on our motto - thinking the same way about the background music too.
The MTV is a very cool and open minded client, who allows us to create a new visual appearance without using clichés or ordinary elements, that's why we are fond of them.
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